• looks after the interests of nearly one hundred and fifty artists and craftpersons, writers and performers, 
  • creates and maintains links of support between its members,
  • provides peer support and opportunities for interaction among its members and arranges for relaxed gatherings where news and ideas can be shared
  • serves as a lobbying body that advocates the recognition of artists' contribution to the economic development of the region and the improvement of the financial status of its members

BRAG's History in brief

  • Braidwood Regional Arts Group (BRAG), an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, continues the tradition set by the Braidwood Group of the 1970s which brought together artists from a wide range of mediums such as poet Judith Wright and painter Tom Thompson; weaver Solvig Baas Becking, potter Richard Murray and silversmith Christoph Altenburg, who later became three foundation members, making Braidwood a center for creative and cultural excellence.

Benefits of belonging to BRAG

  • BRAG proudly supports the activities of its members from auspicing their grant applications, to the exhibition of their works, to participation in the Two Fires Festival which honors Judith Wright, to stage musicals performed by the local school.
  • The BRAG Members' Exhibition held each year during the Easter long weekend draws many visitors to the area and receives critical acclaim. Its exhibitors range from world renown artists to first works by future artists now only of school age.
  • BRAG is the proud owner of the Braidwood Community Arts Centre; it acts as a focus for its activities and contribute to Braidwood's economy.

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