BRAG, since its inception in 2002, has held a Members' Exhibition in each year, except in 2014, when it gave way to the Heritage Arts Prize Award Exhibition in celebration of Braidwood's 175th birthday.

BRAG has also hosts exhibitions by its members, a series of shows and various other events.

The events listed in the History Archives are the pictorial records in this "BRAG Book", please come back and view them as we progressively record new the events as well as include some past works of members.


Community Arts Centre, 14 - 23 April

Exhibitors included: Peter Kneen, Elizabeth Hawkes, Matthew Hamilton, Rebekah Hamilton, Luke Verdon, Debra Herman, William Verdon, Logan Preston, Gilly Burke, Lis Mertens, Jack Featherstone, Graeme Harvey-Walker, Maggie Hickey, Lorraine Yewdall, Jenny Tozer, Mark Sullivan, Jo McNemara, Robbie Watson, Gwenna Green, Virginia Wallace-Crabbe, Leila Chalmers, Beth Lammas, Kylie Dominick, Gail Nichols, Barb Shone, Lois McKenzie, Julie Baker, Kate Carruthers, Susan Doran, Catherine Moore, Glenda Fell Jones, Rita Marshall, Aneka Jones, Courtney Kopec, Linda Dening, William Chalmers, Georgia Garcia, Olivia Bernardoff, Andrew Kavunenko, Tom Alder, Greg Sugden & Merrie Hamilton, Janet Jeffs and Leanne Crisp

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