Ben Kovacs Self portrait yr3


exploration works by developing child artists from Braidwood Central School

January 2012

The twenty-six Grade 1 & 2 Students of Braidwood Central School certainly gave it their best shot as they embarked on a journey of discovery - a discovery of the world around them. With the guidance of Jude Kovacs, a member of BRAG, it was a journey of imaginative minds. Given freedom to think, express themselves and grow, they discovered art as an outlet that cannot be found in other places; art letting them say what they could not put into words.


Every child can pick up a pencil, or a brush to produce something on paper. These 7 & 8 year olds discovered the difference between just using the tools to draw what is expected of them by the "adult world. and seeing with their own eyes the world in colours, shapes, sounds and emotions. Their sheer pleasure of discovery is reflected in their translation of what they saw from close to the ground with their clear eyesight and active imaginations. 

In the brilliance of colours and shapes they show us the creation of their "child" world on paper. For these children, people will never again be stick figures, the landscape will always be a wonder of planes and shapes disappearing over the horizon, and a bowl of fruit, a jug or a vase will trigger a vision of a still life filling all the blank paper. 

The exhibition celebrated the artistic achievements of these children who have shown us how imagination is more important than knowledge. As Albert Einstein said, ".. knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world".

Exhibitors included: Grade 1 – Louise Story, Alex Mach, Arna Dixon, Jade Bunn, Hunter Gleeson, Francine Magsino, Jackson Morris, Emma Schoemark and Robbie Watson; Grade 2 - Ben Kovacs, Cate Shea, Jamie Verhoeven, Maxx Brigg, Logan Kendall, Byron Matheson, Gus Munnings, Bannan Stanley, Tyler Croxton, Thomas Sephton, Ryan Castle, Natashe Hansen, Zoe Cargill, Ananta Bajracharya, Claire Pettit, Holly Franz, Miah Gunderson and Annabel Flack

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