In December 2020, a year on from the fires that devastated our region, Braidwood Regional Arts Group launched Art on Fire, an exhibition focused on providing an opportunity for everyone in our community to creatively document their experience of that time, and published a corresponding book, also entitled Art on Fire. 

The response was overwhelming. Contributions poured in, ranging from painting to poetry, from original music to a few words on a postcard. 

The Postcard Project was one of the most moving elements of the show, covering one whole wall, it featured small messages and often deeply heartfelt comments as well as being artworks in miniature.

The show was opened by Shane Fitzsimmons, Head of Resilience NSW and previously the Commissioner of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service between September 2007 and April 2020.

The opening featured musical performances and readings from the Art on Fire book. Hundreds of people visited the show during the eight days it was open to the public.

If you would like to view or buy a copy of the book Art on Fire, please email, drop into William Verdon Manufacturing Jewellers at 43 Wallace Street (next to the Arts Centre) or come to the Arts Centre when open.

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